Taccia Pearl Kaleidoscope Maki-e Limited Edition Fountain Pen Fine Nib

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Taccia Pearl Kaleidoscope Maki-e Limited Edition Fountain Pen Fine Nib

TACCIA is proud to introduce the TACCIA Pearl Kaleidoscope™ Maki-e Limited Edition.

The rare and extremely limited TACCIA Pearl Kaleidoscope™ Maki-e Limited Edition is built on the same elegant ebonite bodies as those on our heralded Hidden Treasures LE™ and Snowy Dreams LE™.

Inspired by the dazzling, prismatic designs of a kaleidoscope, the TACCIA Pearl Kaleidoscope LE™ paints a vivid picture of sparkle, life, and beauty. The word "kaleidoscope" was derived from the Ancient Greek words "beauty," "shape," and "tool for examination," literally translating to "an observer fo beautiful forms," and we at TACCIA believe it's a fitting namesake for a pen of such form.

Combining revolutionary new techniques with old-world charm, our Pearl Kaleidoscope LE™ utilizes lacquer carving, abalone inlay, natural black urushi lacquer, and delicate polishing skills to achieve a high-gloss shine and a level of three-dimensional depth that brings life to the detailed barrel.

Each Pearl Kaleidoscope LE™ contains 366 pieces of hand-cut, hand-carved, and hand-inserted mother of pearl onto the barrel. Urushi lacquer is then applied to the specially treated ebonite barrel, and polished with deer horn powder, mink brushes, and soft leather, to create the high sheen and textured relief.

The TACCIA Pearl Kaleidoscope Maki-e LE™ will be available in Fall 2010. Only 25 fountain pens and 15 rollerball pens will ever be made.

Uses Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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Manufacturer: Taccia Limited Edition