Tibaldi Divina Black Resin with Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Trim Fountain Pen Fine Nib

Product description

Tibaldi 90th Anniversary Limited Edition


The Divina pen is the result of careful study of this amazing proportion. History, thought, aesthetic and artistic standards come together with the skill of the craftsman to create the writing treasures named Divina. Following months of intense study and dedication, the completion of a superhuman task has resulted in the revival of the perfection of the ancient world, carefully combined with cutting edge technology and refined materials. Each of the Divina’s components is a multiple of phi, 1.618, and once assembled, respects the rule of the golden proportion. Divina is pure elegance; it gives pleasure and writes like no other pen.

Ornament: Designed to be immediately recognizable as TIBALDI, the ornament is one of the distinctive features of the pen: crowned with a pyramid cut mother of pearl or tiger’s eye embedded into a silver frame, it boasts a square section at the top, gradually tapering to the round ring at its base.

Patented filling mechanism: The mechanical precision and reliability of TIBALDI’s innovative filling system resembles the winding mechanism of a high quality watch. An international patent* has been secured for this unique filling mechanism. The cursor for producing the snap rotation runs along a toothed surface. The number of teeth of the bushing, 32, is a multiple of phi, 1.618. Rotating the blind cap, when filling the pen, has the same sound and feel as manually winding a watch crown. What’s more, the mechanism applies a slight resistance to rotation, avoiding brusque movements at the bottom of the pen reducing the risk of accidental leakage. *Patent No. MI2005U 000449 – Fountain pen with “perfected” filling mechanism

Nib: The TIBALDI’s striking nib is solid 18K gold, partially rhodium plated, and engraved with the image of an eagle, a trademark of the Aquila brand. Rhodium is only applied outside the contours of the eagle and inside the words, requiring the skill of an experienced goldsmith. The iridium point is welded to the gold and shaped according to the writing grade desired. Like the original TIBALDI nibs from the early twentieth century, each nib is engraved with the guarantee of first-class writing quality. The thickness of gold varies across the nib to maximize flexibility and thereby the writer’s comfort. Writing grades available are: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

Distinctive clip: The tie-shaped clip is reminiscent of TIBALDI pens from the early 1900s, but its sophisticated snap mechanism and roller make it easier to insert into a pocket. Thanks to extensive engineering research and laboratory testing, the clip is mounted on the ring, decorated with diamond point Clou de Paris, rather than on the cap. The clip as well as every other element is carved with the help of advanced computer-operated lathe and milling machines.

Writing range: You can check the ink level of the TIBALDI fountain pen via a transparent window on the barrel. The unique filling mechanism has a tank that holds a generous amount of ink (0.9 ml). A pen with a fine nib, for example, writes approximately 555 meters per fill.

Swiss Hallmarks: All the precious metal components are produced and galvanized in Switzerland, the country responsible for producing the world’s finest watches. Each part is inspected and hallmarked by the Swiss Federal Customs Office for the Control of Precious Metals in Geneva, a guarantee of the origin and high quality of the materials and finish. The Swiss hallmark is the only procedure of its type recognized all over the world.

Jeweler’s finished trim: The Clou de Paris, consisting of repeating pyramid patterns, is an ancient decorative design, existing since the 16th century. In the 18th century, it was introduced into the watch industry as an elegant way to hide scratches and extend the life of metal surfaces. Each face of the pyramid is processed on two axes, resulting in a design with a high visual impact resembling a diamond shape and similarly reflecting the light. The work is extremely difficult and requires high-precision technology and instruments. The name most likely comes from the basalt stones used to pave Parisian cobblestone streets.

Numbered limited edition: The TIBALDI 90th Anniversary writing instruments are available as a limited edition of only 618 pieces. A number paying a tribute to the criteria that inspired their creation (phi = 1.618): the magic number of divine proportion.

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