Tibaldi for Bentley Crewe 60th Silver Fountain Pen Medium Nib

Product description

Tibaldi for Bentley Limited Edition


60 Years at Crewe 1946 - 2006: To celebrate 60 years of production at the historic Crewe factory, Bentley Motors introduces its first ever limited edition pen collection and its first ever collaboration with Tibaldi, specialist makers of precious and technical writing instruments.

Tibaldi - A Pen of Divine Proportions: Phi, the concept known as the Divine Proportion, informs every aspect of the structure of all Tibaldi pens. For example, the proportion between the pen’s cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed equals the phi ratio, 1.618. Even the pen’s accompanying case is measured in multiples of the phi coefficient.

Distinctive Clip: The Tibaldi’s traditional tie-shaped clip, a signature of Tibaldi pens from the early 1900s, has been re-styled by Bentley designers. But its original features remain. The Tibaldi clip’s sophisticated spring mechanism lifts it easily away from the cap and its polished rotary wheel lets it slide effortlessly when inserted into a pocket, communicating Tibaldi’s ongoing passion for detail today. On the silver edition, the clip and its ring are in platinum plated sterling silver.

Bentley Aesthetic: The Tibaldi for Bentley pens draw their design cues from the finishes of the two limited edition cars produced for the Diamond Jubilee of the Crewe factory – the Arnage and the Continental GT Diamond Series. All Tibaldi for Bentley pens bear the Sheffield Assay Office Bentley hallmark.

The etching and engraving known as knurling is found on functional handles and buttons requiring contact, such as indicators, media system controls and gear shifts. It decorates all parts of the Tibaldi for Bentley pen which involve turning – the cap and the upper and lower parts of the pen’s barrel - always ensuring a secure grip.

The tip of the cap recalls precisely the tip of the gear shift of the Mulliner edition Continental GT Diamond Series. The cap’s band is smooth for personal engravings or the car chassis number.

Engine Turning: The finish on the barrel echoes the Bentley dashboard texture, known as engine turning. The distinctive overlapping circles of engine-turned aluminum were traditionally found on racing cockpit interiors and used on one of Bentley’s earliest cars, the Blower. Bentley’s design team first revived the finish as an alternative to wood veneer in the Continental T in 1996. The result of sophisticated 3D engraving technology, the Tibaldi for Bentley pens mark the first time the engine turning technique has been achieved on a curved surface.

Patented Filling Mechanism: All Tibaldi pens have a patented filling mechanism. Revolving the cap to fill the barrel with ink produces the gentle sound and reassuring feeling experienced when manually winding the crown or bezel of a fine watch. The mechanism resists rotation slightly, avoiding brusque movements of the bottom of the pen and reducing the risk of leakage.

Writing Range: A transparent window on the fountain pen’s barrel reveals the ink level on all TIBALDI pens. The unique filling mechanism has a tank that holds a generous amount of ink (0.9ml). A pen with a fine nib, for example, writes approximately 555 meters per fill.

Tibaldi Nibs: Like the original Tibaldi nibs from the early twentieth century, each one is engraved with the guarantee of first class writing instruments – “1ª Qualità”, alongside the Bentley logo. Writing grades available are: fine (F), medium (M) and broad (B). Each nib has a two-tone appearance, having been crafted with solid 18 carat yellow gold and then covered in rhodium and ruthenium.  

Bentley Casing: A unique feature of the Bentley Arnage Diamond Series is the diamond-quartered wood marquetry, a first for both Bentley’s craftspeople and for the motor industry overall. This painstakingly handcrafted woodwork technique is applied meticulously in the Tibaldi for Bentley pen case. The pen case for the silver Tibaldi for Bentley pen features the original Bentley badge found on the steering wheel of the Continental GT.

Limited Editions: Each Tibaldi for Bentley pen is a precious limited edition writing instrument. 400 silver fountain pens and 200 silver roller balls are available worldwide.

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