Visconti Divina Black Midi Rollerball Pen

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Visconti Divina Black Midi Rollerball Pen

The Black Divina follows in the footsteps of Visconti's Divine Proportion, but exudes a totally original look as sterling silver wraps around the richly smooth elegant black Lucite body to emphasize its unique shape. This new collection represents a simplification in style and construction (as suggested by the name, Black Divina), with the result being a striking, original design, more suitable for daily use. In the spirit of its elder brother, the Divine Proportion, the Black Divina is inspired by the Nautilus, or "Golden Spiral", built according to the sequence of Fibonacci and the Golden Number of 1618, comparing the length of the cap with the length of the pen, both opened and closed. As a bonus, the fountain pen and rollerball are available in both oversized and mid-size profiles. Each fountain pen is enhanced with a 14 kt gold nib, available in M, F, XF and B, incorporating Visconti's unique Push and Pull Touchdown filling system. The collection is completed with a matching ball pen and 3.2mm sketch pencil.


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Manufacturer: Visconti Black Divina