Visconti Limited Edition Golden Man Vermeil Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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Visconti Limited Edition Golden Man Vermeil Fountain Pen Medium Nib

Meet Visconti's latest collector's fountain pen: the Golden Man. In 1969, archaeologists discovered a tomb in the Issyk burial mound outside of the capital of Kazakhstan. Referred to as the Golden Man, researchers believe that this was the tomb of an 18 year old Scythian prince who lived in the 4th or 5th century BC. He was heavily dressed in warrior's armor and interred with about 4,000 gold ornaments. Today, the Golden Man has become a national symbol in Kazakhstan. His image can be found on the monument to independence in the capital city's Republic Square, and a statue of him was erected outside the Kazakh Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Inspired by the myth of the Golden Man and in celebration of the glorious motifs in Scythian art, goldsmiths have reproduced the original colors and naturalistic symbols of ancient Scythia.

  • Limited Edition: 388 Fountain Pens Worldwide
  • Material: Silver 925 Vermeil with Red Lacquering
  • Artwork: Silver 925 Vermeil Lost Wax
  • Nib: 23 K 950 Palladium in two tones
  • Filling System: Power Filler
  • Case: Special Collector's Case with 23K Gold Leaf
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Manufacturer: Visconti Limited Edition