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Visconti Metropolis Solid Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen The Gordian Knot - Broad Nib

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Product description

Visconti Metropolis Limited Edition  Solid Gold Fountain Pen
"The Gordian Knot"
Broad Nib 

The Visconti Metropolis Collection takes its inspiration from the soaring skyscrapers and bustling pace of the city. The pens have a modern six-sided design with clean lines and a bold shape that gives you both urban chic and practical, comfortable writing. In addition, the pen’s sleek and bold shape gives you a strong and comfortable feel. The mechanics of the pen run smoothly with its retractable point on the fountain pen and rollerball. To be a Visconti, the retractable “safety” system pen was required to have a perfect built-in mechanical piston filler. The push-and-turn filling mechanism has over 30 components that operate with dependability and ease. A safety cap makes it impossible to close the pen if the point is not retracted.

This pen is solid gold and has a 18kt gold nib. 188 pieces were produced.

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Manufacturer: Visconti Limited Edition