Visconti My Pen System Oriental Zodiac Coins - Monkey

Product description
Visconti My Pen System Oriental Zodiac Coins - Monkey
The easy and safe system to immediately personalize Visconti pens

Visconti is proud to introduce you to MY PEN SYSTEM the magnetic patent system to immediately personalize your Visconti pen.
MY PEN SYSTEM enables to substitute the Visconti logo on the cap with your initials giving your personal touch to your writing instrument.
This system has been even more implemented today.
12 natural stones,12 western and 12 oriental zodiacal signs are now available to make your Visconti simply unique.
Furthermore Visconti has created three accessories, cuff links, pin and earrings that can be personalized as well by using the same system in order to coordinate your Visconti to your outfit and look.
Visconti doesn’t invent your elegance, but its outfit!

In the ancient times (and also nowadays) people believed in the mystical power of precious stones that naturally found their location also in astrology. There are different lists of stones connected to months, planets and zodiacal signs but we chose to take our information from the most ancient and so more reliable written texts.

To use this system, you must take the Visconti logo on the pen cap with the magnetic pin out and select your initials, your stone, or zodiacal sign. Set your chosen personal sign on the pen by replacing the logo and in a few minutes the personalized Visconti pen is ready for the delivery. If needed, coordinate the personalized pen with cuff links, pin or earrings. This system is currently compatible with Opera, Wall Street, and Divina pens.

May take 5-7 Days to Process Order.

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