Visconti Rembrandt Orange Calligraphy Set

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                           Visconti Calligraphy Collection
The Rembrandt calligraphy set is created for both experienced and novice writers. Visconti popular Rembrandt fountain pen is combined with accessories necessary to create a luxurious set for immediate enjoyment of the written word. Made from variegated resin, each pen is made unique through subtle marbling of color, a replication of Rembrandt painting technique Chiaroscuro. Available in a choice of five colors, each set includes two German-made palladium plated nib sections in italic 1.5mm and super XF flexible nib, a bottle of Visconti black ink, the Visconti calligraphy booklet and two converters. The set is presented in an oversized gift box.


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Manufacturer: Visconti Rembrandt