Waterman Exception Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen Fine Nib

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Exception Limited Edition - The Marks of Time
Waterman Exception Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

The Art of Creation
A magical union of beauty and modernity, two jewels of light in sterling silver and vermeil... Each hallmarked and numbered Limited Edition (Vermeil 1000 copies / Sterling Silver 1500 copies) is an exceptional, square-cut jewel.

Sculptures of Eternity
Like Streams that meander across the earth's surface, Exception's innovative quadrangular form glistens with a myriad of sinuous lines, chiselled into its luminescent planes to reflect the infinite erosive power of water on earth. Fluidity meets solidity in a magical interplay of shiny  flowing lines and stark, graphic angles.

Luminous Ingenuity
Out of a bar of sterling silver, Waterman breathes life into quadrangular objects with sparkling facets and perfectly rounded edges. Then, just as water unfurls and slides, acid bites into solid silver to create an infinity of meanderings. Finally, after careful polishing, each object is dipped in 24 carat gold or nickel palladium and time freeze...

Sublime Meanderings
Each Exception The Marks of Time is tipped with a natural or rhodium-plated solid 18 carat gold engraved nib. Each nib surges seamlessly from the remarkable undulations of the barrel and cap to weaves its way across paper, with the smooth silkiness of water. The nib slides, the ink flows, leaving its eternal mark.

Precious Beyond Time
Exception The Marks of Time, this Haute-Couture writing accessory enriched by nature's imprint, is presented in a blue lacquered wooden case. The relentless passage of water through time is silk printed in gold across its top alongside rich, elegant veins of wood, exemplifying the diversity and complexity of nature in perpetual transformation.

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