Waterman Exception Precious Metals Silver Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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Waterman Exception Precious Metals Silver Fountain Pen Medium Nib 

Exception Silver boasts a complex chiseling process truly unique to Waterman Each Fountain Pen receives 5 sets of 4 parallel lines that are engraved on the 4 sides of the pen. Each set has a different and unique length. Exception's quadrangular shape makes this chiseling very difficult to obtain. It is a unique chiseling, breaking away from traditional vertical chiseling. The chiseling asymmetry marries with the symmetry of the square. This unique association gives new dynamics to the pen, in contrast with standard vertically chiseled pens the market.

Hallmarks are stamped on EXCEPTION cap ring, opposite of the clip. FRANCE is engraved on cap ring on the right side of the clip. Each pen has 2 Hallmarks: .1 government hallmark and 1 master stamp

Government hallmark: The head of Minerva It testifies the pen is in solid silver. This hallmark is stamped by Bureau de la Garantie de Paris

Rhodium-plated 18k Solid Gold Nib
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