Waterman Exception Slim Celadon Silver Trim Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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Waterman Exception

Ideas that turn corners, change the rules, break away from expectations... From the graphic purity of the square comes Exception, a precious object of desire by Waterman. Powerful presence, subtle finesse and lavish opulence that express incomparable charisma and elegance.

Waterman Exception Slim Celadon Silver Trim Fountain Pen Medium Nib

An elegant harmony of fresh delicate luxury; shimmery pale jade lacquer and bright white silver-plated trims for a touch of graceful, refined sophistication.

The distinctive clean-cut silver-plated lines of WATERMAN's two-branched clip in total harmony with the avant-garde quadrangular shape of Exception.

An intricately engraved rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib featuring a modern expression of WATERMAN's IDEAL and globe signature.

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