Caran dAche 849 Camo Turquoise Ballpoint Pen

SKU: 849-220T
Quick overview Caran dAche 849 Camo Turquoise Ballpoint Pen
Product description

Caran d'Ache offers a new take on CAMO with a playful and colorful version of the 849 pen.

Camouflage is making a comeback. The

famous print is all the rage among

fashionistas and has invaded the

catwalks and the magazines. But the

intention is entirely peaceful.

Camouflage outfits are no longer just

for the army, they are worn at every

kind of occasion and in all colors, even

down to the fingertips! Caran d’Ache

has joined the trend and has borrowed

this “military” design to decorate its

new version of the famous 849 and,

once again, its timing is perfect.

Flashy pink, electric green, brilliant turquoise, sparkling yellow, tangy orange all merged over black on

the metal body of the 849 pen. These colors create a new kind of camouflage that is, joyful, daring

and timeless. The "CAMO" by Caran d'Ache has turned camouflage on its head - instead of being

invisible, it is impossible to miss!

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Manufacturer: Caran dAche 849 Camo