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Caran d'Ache Ecridor Type 55 Silver Plated Artist 2mm Mechanical Pencil

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Caran d'Ache Ecridor Type 55 Silver Plated Artist 2mm Mechanical Pencil in Wooden Box


The hexagonal shape and slender lines of the Ecridor Type 55 are enhanced by the brilliance of its silver-plated, rhodium-coated body. Its decoration is based on the highly distinctive air intakes or "gills" of the 1967 Mustang. Just as the chrome surfaces of a car catch and hold the light, this decoration plays with contrasts: between mat and gloss, and between different depths of engraving.

The Type 55 contains a precision mechanism that ensures exceptionally comfortable writing, a retro clip, and a push-button mechanism for the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil. It has a rhodium finish to maintain the sheen and brilliance of the pen over time.

Lastly, the motif is a pair of 5s that gives the pen its name: Type 55. This is a "code name" referring to the car whose memory remains for generations.

This Item is a special order item. Usually ships in 4-7 Business days.

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