Delta Dolcevita Oro Desk Set Gold Vermeil Trim Ballpoint And Fountain Pen with Converter

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Delta Dolcevita Oro Desk Set, Gold Vermeil Trim Ballpoint And Fountain Pen with Converter

A brand new version of the dolcevita collection offered completely in striking orange resin, complimented with gold trims.

LA DOLCEVITA - The beautiful Italina life that we dream about. Dolcevita collection invites you for a delightful celebration of the sweet life in Italy with friendship and festivity with local people and the joys of art throughout Italy.

This collection embodies a dark orange color visible throughout the country under the Mediterranean sun in rocky hillsides.

Dolcevita's emotion serves also as inspiration for Delta's artisans as they create each piece by hand using old skills passed down through the generations. Dolcevita oro is available in oversize and piston filling versions. Also available fountain pen, roller ball, ball pen and pencil in medium sizes.

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Manufacturer: Delta Dolcevita