Delta Indios 2006 Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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The INDIOS 2006 LIMITED EDITION STERLING SILVER FOUNTAIN PEN - MEDIUM NIB is hand turned from solid bars of black and special brown Hevea (rubber plant) colored resins divided by a tarnished silver ring carved by hand. In the extremity, it offers a disk engraved with the limited edition number. The cap is in black and brown resins. The capuchon placed on the end of the cap offers a disk portraying a parrot, a typical symbol of the Amazon. The capuchon is in sterling silver and it matches the clip. The Limited Edtion fountain pen features a cartridge/converter filling system and its production is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.

The Indigenous people, also known as "indios" (Indians) of the Amazon, comprise a large number of distinct ethnic groups who inhabited the country's present territory prior to its discovery by the Portuguese around 1500. Many of the estimated 2000 nations and semi- nomadic tribes, which then existed died out as a consequence of the European settlement, and many were assimilated into the Brazilian population. Only a few tribes still survive in their original culture in remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest.

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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Manufacturer: Delta Limited Editions