Lamy 2000 Blackwood Ballpoint Pen

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LAMY 2000 Blackwood Ballpoint Pen

The Lamy 2000 Blackwood pen is the new sensuality.!

This pen is a new version of that old, classic, the LAMY 2000. The LAMY 2000 blackwood is a ballpoint pen made of exquisite grenadilla, or African blackwood. Solid, spring-operated stainless steel clip. All fittings in high-grade Palladium finish.

This model will appeal not only LAMY fans, but indeed to everyone who attaches the utmost importance to product design.

Ballpoint pen with LAMY giant refill M 16 black M.

This pen was designed by Gerd A Muller a man who was one of the advocates of the Bauhaus movement. This alone was enough to impel Lamy to select him to provide the company with the initial impetus for its new design style and to provide his input to it over the years.

By the 1970s the valuable experiences gained from this type of collaboration, most importantly the inspiring exchange of view between "independent creative spirits" and in-house employees who work in the area of design, had led to this co-operation growing to encompass other product designers and design studios

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