Lamy Accent 4 Pen Black (4x1) Multi-System Pen

SKU: L4974
Product description

Lamy 4 Pen Black (4x1) Multi-System Pen

LAMY 4pen – All in one.

The business world is a jungle nowadays. Here is your survival kit.

All in one: Ballpoint pen, Mechanical pencil, Marker and Touchscreen pen.

As practical as it's good looking. The LAMY 4pen takes care of all your writing needs. Why choose one when you can have it all ?

Multi-system pen in matt black lacquer finish with interchangeable grip section: aluminium with palladium finish.

Fitted with ballpoint refill M 21 black, pencil lead 0.7 mm (M 40) HB, marker refill M 55 and touch screen refill M 70. With system identification and Z 15 built-in eraser underneath the removable button.

Designer: Phoenix Product Design

LAMY M 21 ballpoint refill Ballpoint pen refill, waterproof. For all multi-system and  multi-colour pens and LAMY spirit.

Metal refill with stainless steel tip in black, blue, red and green. LAMY M 40 pencil lead 0.7 mm pencil lead. Lead hardness: HB. LAMY M 55 marker refill
Marker refill with predetermined break point and steel point, for all multi-system pens.

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Manufacturer: Lamy Accent