Lamy Al-StarBlack Rollerball Pen Limited Edition

SKU: ML371
Product description

Lamy Al-Star black Rollerball Pen Limited Edition

Taking its shape from Lamy's classic safari line, the Lamy AL-star is made from lightweight durable aluminum and engineered to demanding specifications. This pen is designed to feel great in your hand.


The rollerball pen features exchangeable rollerball refill LAMY M 63 black. Can be modified for use with all colours and refills, M 63, M 30, M 32.

The pen was designed by Wolfgang Fabian, who was born in 1943, and was a qualified goldsmith before he studied industrial design. With his team "Fabian Industrie-Design" he has been developing formal and technical solutions for utility goods and items of capital expenditure since 1981..

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Manufacturer: Lamy Al-Star
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