Lamy Al-Star Graphite Fountain Pen - Medium Nib

Product description

Lamy Al-Star Graphite Fountain Pen - Medium Nib

Lamy Al-Star Graphite Fountain Pen
Medium Nib

Taking its shape from Lamy's classic safari line, the Lamy AL-star is made from lightweight durable aluminum and engineered to demanding specifications. This pen is designed to feel great in your hand.

The Lamy Al-Star polished alumunium surfaces give the fountain pen and ballpoint pen a shimmering appearance to their form, which is solid, yet graceful and elegant.

All instruments have transparent grip sections with ergonomically-formed two side mouldings, so there is nothing to hide. The nib of the fountain pen is made of black chromium plated stainless steel. The characteristic flexible clip of spring brass wire and the top of the ballpoint pen are also of black colour thus creating an attractive contrast to the matt shiny aluminium.

The fountain pen features cartridge filling system with ink cartridge T 10 blue (can be modified for use with converter Z 24). It is available in extra fine, fine, medium, or broad nib.

The pen was designed by Wolfgang Fabian, who was born in 1943, and was a qualified goldsmith before he studied industrial design. With his team "Fabian Industrie-Design" he has been developing formal and technical solutions for utility goods and items of capital expenditure since 1981..


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