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Lamy Input Twin Pen IT Ballpen and Stylus For Touchscreen and Paper

Product description

Lamy Input Twin Pen IT  Ballpen and Stylus For Touchscreen and Paper


When it comes to recording appointments and addresses and making notes, conventional time planners are increasingly having to compete with palmtops and other hand-held devices: Sales of such electronic organizers in Germany rose by 200 percent last year alone.

Those who want to be able to not only write and sketch, but also to enter information in their Personal Digital Assistant or palm tops when travelling now no longer have to remember to take a special pen with them, because the LAMY twin pen IT offers two systems in one. There is a black ballpoint refill for writing and a touchscreen tip for data input.

The LAMY twin pen works with a twist mechanism to select mode of function. It has a IT refill and ballpoint refill M 21 black with stainless steel point.

It is finished with a matt stainless steel finish. Fitted with ballpoint pen refill M 21 black and touch screen refill M 70.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Lamy Input