Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Black Trim Fountain Pen Fine Nib

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Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Black Trim Fountain Pen Fine Nib

Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Black Trim Fountain Pen Fine Nib

With such a wide range of nibs available, the fountain pen is the writing instrument that adapts best to each individual hand. In fact, it actually lends the user´s handwriting its own, highly individual quality and style. That is why children learning to write are taught right from the start that the secret of good handwriting comes from a good quality fountain pen.

The Lamy´s fountain pen comes with a cartridge filling system that is even easier to still.

For the best of both worlds, users can try Lamy converter. When this is inserted in the pen in place of a cartridge, the pen can be filled from an ink bottle, too.

This fountain is made of stainless steel with cyclical matt finish and spring-mounted steel clip.

Designer: Wolfgang Fabian

Wolfgang Fabian, who was born in 1943, was a qualified goldsmith before he studied industrial design.

With his team "Fabian Industrie-Design" he has been developing formal and technical solutions for utility goods and items of capital expenditure since 1981.

Products designed by Fabian Industrie-Design have been awarded with many international prizes.

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