Parker Sonnet Refresh Sterling Silver Cisele Gold Trim Rollerball Pen

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Parker Sonnet

Parker Sonnet Refresh Sterling Silver Cisele Gold Trim Rollerball Pen 

The Sonnet is modern pen design at its best - it's the quintessential Parker pen and one of our most successful collections ever. Combining timeless, contemporary style with a unique choice of perfectly balanced pen sizes, diverse modes and high quality finishes, the Sonnet writes beautifully, feels comfortable and looks sublime. Sonnet, the definitive Parker style.

The Sonnet Ciselé finish is unique to Parker. The rollerball pen features a striking geometrical chiselled design, crosshatched by intense glossy black lacquer lines, with 23ct gold plated trim.

Parker Sonnet Refresh

Parker added new details to the previous design of the Sonnet Collection. Notice the changes listed here.

  • NEW DECAL: Displaying the Parker Iconic P emblem on top of cap.
  • MODIFIED CLIP: 5 Feathers vs. 7 previously.
  • REDESIGNED CAP BAND: 3 engraved lines VS. 2 previously.
  • NIB: New graphics


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