Parker Vector Volcanic Smoke 3 In 1 Data Multifunctional Pen ( Pack of 10)

SKU: S0711340_10
Product description

Parker Vector Pen Multifunctional 3-in-1 Volcanic Smoke with Stainless Steel Trim (Pack of 10)

Vector is one of the simplest, hardest working Parker tools. The straightforward choice for those who value function and expect performance, simplicity and practicality. Vector 3-in-l is designed to provide everything the modern user might need from a writing instrument in a single, simple model.


  •   Functional, wide-bodied design
  •   Stainless steel trim
  •   Blue ball pen
  •   0.7mm pencil
  •   PDA stylus

P.S. These Pens do not come in any packaging.

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