Pelikan 7000 Majesty Gold And Silver Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

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Pelikan M7000 Majesty Series Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Simply majestic: that is how Pelikan’s brilliant masterpiece, the Majesty, appears. The very choice of materials promises writing instruments fit for a king: the plunger fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball of the premium Majesty series are made from sterling silver, ornamented with gold-plated elements.

A highlight of the Majesty series is a Pelikan frieze: artistically diamond-chased into the cap, it crowns this series of writing instruments in a very remarkable way. The gold-plated frieze shows original details from the stone frieze on the wall of the historic Pelikan headquarters factory in Hanover. In this way, Pelikan links an element of history to the present day.

The barrel of the plunger fountain pen is elaborately fluted and has an unusual special feature: the sleeve of the barrel can be drawn off, revealing the ink reservoir. The casing of this royal highness is made from platinum-coated 925 sterling silver, which further offsets the grace of the golden elements such as the frieze, the sprung clip and the cap ring.

The Majesty is not only royal in its appearance: the technology too is of the finest. This can be sensed every time the elaborately ornamented 18-carat gold nib glides across the paper. The Majesty, kept in its exclusive case, makes every user king over a very special writing experience.

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Manufacturer: Pelikan Majesty