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Pelikan Special Edition Polar Lights Fountain Pen Broad Nib

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Pelikan Special Editions

Pelikan Special Edition Polar Lights M640 Fountain Pen Broad Nib

When the sky in the northern and southern latitudes is illuminated by mystic lights in unreal color shades, the polar lights enchant the dark winter nights. Before science discovered that the brilliant bands of light in the night sky were solar winds, one conjectured messages of the gods and prophecies behind the natural phenomenon: the Vikings saw them as signs of a victorious battle, while for people in the Middle Ages, polar lights, like comets, were omens of threatening events in the future. The natural phenomena occur when electrically charged particles from a solar eruption meet with the atmosphere of the earth and are steered toward the poles by the magnetic field of the earth. Polar lights in the northern latitudes are called the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. The light occurrences in the southern hemisphere are known as the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis.

The special edition “Polar Lights” is made of the finest materials. The focal point is the metal shaft with its complex, multi-colored varnish, the silvercolored elements of which consist of a platinum alloy. It flows into the deep black precious resin components of the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is formed masterfully, polished and diligently run in by a master’s hand.

This special edition is also available in ballpoint pen and rollerball, all created and crafted from Pelikan, a company offering the highest-quality writing instruments and pen tradition since 1929. Our goal is not only to perfect the newest design technology but to capture and instill and exude individual personality in each and every pen.

Available in the nib widths: F, M, B

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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