Pelikan Special Edition Sahara Ballpoint Pen

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Pelikan Sahara Special Edition K640 Ballpoint Pen

The special edition “Sahara” is gorgeous and unique like the fascinating natural wonder. It is made of the finest materials. The focal point is the metal shaft with its sand-wave structure. The filigree elements are modeled by a sophisticated guilloche, are gilded and are provided with several coats of lacquer coating. They flow into the precious resin components of the front part and ink handle. The ball-point pen is fitted with a twist mechanism and an international standard largevolume cartridge.

This special edition can also be obtained as a rollerball and fountain pen, all created by a company dedicated to a tradition of excellence with an established high-quality writing culture since 1929. Pelikan's goal is not only to perfect the technology, but rather to provide each and every individual a reflection and insight into its own personality.

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Manufacturer: Pelikan Special Editions