Pelikan Tradition Series M205 Duo Highlighter Double Broad Fountain Pen

SKU: PEL_975524
Product description

Product description

A Classic Innovation

Can a classic product be an innovation?
Yes, it can!
Pelikan managed to merge a fountain pen and a text marker into one product.

The fountain pen Classic DUO Highlighter enables you to highlight text passages in bright yellow and make important notes at the same time. The extra wide stainless steel nib in size BB ensures the writing pleasure of a fountain pen but is also broad enough to mark important passages.

The yellow-fluorescent ink, which has been specially developed for this product, is finely tuned to meet the requirements of the fountain pen's technical components. Therefore, it is intended for the use with this writing instrument only and should not be used in other fountain pens.

Both, the design and the special function of the piston-fountain pen Classic DUO Highlighter have also thrilled a jury of experts. As a consequence, this remarkable Special Edition has been acknowledged with several awards - the "ISPA Award" at the Paperworld 2011, the "IF Product Design Award 2011" as well as the "Red Dot Award 2011".

The fountain Classic DUO Highlighter comes in a gift box that is a true eye-catcher, together with a glass of yellow text marker ink. So, if you’re still looking for a gift for someone who has it all – you’ve just found it here.

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Manufacturer: Pelikan Tradition 205