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Sheaffer Calligraphy Deluxe Kit

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Sheaffer Calligraphy Deluxe Kit

Sheaffer Calligraphy Deluxe Kit includes:
3 elegant sheaffer Calligraphy pens, 1 Piston Converter, 6 Color ink cartridges, 3 Nibs (fine, medium, broad), 1 Calligraphy instruction leaflet and 1 Decorative Storage Tin.


Introduction to Calligraphy

Calligraphy- the art of beautiful writing is as old as writing itself. Beautiful writing endures in the skilled hands  of craftspersons who letter a wide range  of materials from books to family trees. It also enjoys renewed popularity as a means of artistic personnel expression.

Posture and Positions

Posture is important to the proper maintenance of eye and back muscles. Sit comfortably at a desk or table. Place both feet flat on the floor and lean slightly for forward. Have all tools within easy reach. Hold the pen in the most comfortable position for you. Keep your hand relaxed and the pressure even to prevent fatigue. Excessive pressure on the  pen or paper will prevent the smooth formation of lines and spaces necessary to fine writing.


As your skill improves and your confidence grows , your unique hand will develop. When you are familiar with the basic strokes and have done the exercises shown here , practice the alphabets in this booklet. Make the separate strokes required to form each letter in the proper sequence and in the directions indicated by the arrows.

Letter heights is measured in nib widths.

Loosen up with large , looping motions. Avoid tightening up your hand , wrist and forearm by extending hand motion to the entire arm.

  • Be careful to maintain the correct angle of the pen.
  • Keep the slants of your lines parallel. Practice 45 angle strokes  and alternate with 90 strokes.
  • Work mostly on rhythm and continuity.

The sheaffer  Script

The sheaffer script has been designed exclusively for sheaffer Calligraphers. It is a modern and open style of handwriting that can be used for informal , relaxed invitations or when designing posters and awards for your school or just for writing your friends. Try these letters in a wide range of colors and sizes.  

The chancery Italic Hand

From the Florentine school ,Italic letters are basically elliptical or slanted rather then round and vertical to the line of writing. Serifs or "feet" are absent , allowing a freer , more following style.


  • Hold your pen at a constant 45* angle to the writing surface. Work at keeping the slant of the letters parallel.
  • The body of the letter is 5 nib widths high. Ascenders and decenders are five widths above or below the line. Capital letters are 7 widths high. Including ascenders and decenders , each line will be approximately 15 widths high in total.
  • To avoid "tangling" between lines , allow at least one widths of space before starting the next line. Between words , allow a space equal to about the widths of a letter.
  • Note the thick-to-thin strokes achieved with an upward stroke of the pen. When stroking away or up ,apply only light pressure.
  • For letters made in 1 stroke, pause and change stroke direction, where necessary , without lifting the pen or changing its angle.  

Care Of Fine Writing Tools

Essential to the long life and performance of your sheaffer writing tools are proper care and cleaning. Run used nibs under lukewarm water before changing cartridges and wipe dry. keep materials away from dust. Be careful. Avoid jarring or shaking your pen and be sure that the cap is on tight when it is not in use. The best way to carry your pen is with the nib section pointing upward , with the cap on pen.


Unscrew barrel from nib section. Insert cartridge into barrel. Screw nib section an<span style="font-

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