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Stipula Etruria Alter Ego Piston Fountain Pen Titanium T Flex Nib Medium

SKU: ST48410_M
Product description

Stipula Classica Etruria Piston Fountain Pen Titanium T Flex Nib

In the in-built piston version Etruria Alter Ego presents the innovative Stipula SCS (Self Cleaning System) piston that guarantees a perfect cleaning of the reservoir every time that the mechanism is used, thanks to the spinning of the head of the piston together with the spinning of the knob. The SCS piston works in a different way from the other pistons: to fill the pen with ink the knob must be turned counterclockwise; to empty it the knob must be turned clockwise.

Material: celluloid
Trim: sterling silver
Filling system: inbuilt piston

Additional information
Manufacturer: Stipula Classica Line
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