TACCIA Dynamic Nautical Edition Interlaced Multi Layer Silver Ballpoint Pen

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TACCIA Dynamic Nautical Edition Interlaced  Multi Layer Silver Ballpoint Pen

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This Nautical Edition ballpoint pen is inter-laced with a multi-layer barrel design.

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate throughout the years, all the way from the earliest writing instruments to the smart devices we use today. Taking inspiration from this transformative wave, TACCIA has built on  years of expertise to create an incredibly detailed writing instrument collection—the TACCIA Dynamic™.

 The TACCIA Dynamic is our unique take on a next-generation luxury collection, with its machined and multi-faceted, weaving body. Each barrel of the Dynamic takes hours to complete, using a blend of computer-programmed lasers and artisan craftsmanship to guide each step of creation. A special mix of metals and overlays is utilized to brighten each TACCIA Dynamic barrel, and each scaffolding layer is finished with a heavy coat of silver , and a clear lacquer sealant. Taccia has chosen to debut our premier Dynamic Collection with the Nautical Edition, with etched charms on each Dynamic barrel to celebrate the open seas. The design and technical philosophy of this writing instrument are a perfect match with the engineering and culture of sailing and life on the ocean.

The TACCIA Dynamic Collection – Nautical Edition is made with German ballpoint mechanisms, and comes with a German standard-sized 9000 refill. You’ll rely on it and treasure it for many years to come.

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Manufacturer: Taccia Savanna