TACCIA Savanna SE Beige Brown Ballpoint Pen-

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TACCIA Savanna SE Beige Brown Ballpoint Pen

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 Mankind’s pioneering spirit has journeyed and evolved its way over the Earth’s terrain – through its mountains and savannas to its valleys and inhabitants. With an appreciation for nature, TACCIA is proud to innovate on its classic Savanna™ Collection.


Crafted from sustainably gathered buffalo horn, each Savanna pen is hand-carved and individually polished to create a unique fine writing instrument. With an artistic flowing body, sculpted in the form of a budding tree branch, the Savanna Collection SE takes cues from both animal and plant to celebrate nature in its living form. The fountain pen’s nib system has been upgraded; made by the best nib manufacturer in Japan, which features a flexible two-tone Fine, Medium, or Broad Japanese stainless steel nib.


Environmental, modern, and artistic, this new, enhanced TACCIA Savanna Collection SE makes the perfect desk companion and is an ideal accessory for the nature lover in all of us.

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Manufacturer: Taccia Savanna