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Tibaldi for Bentley Continental Cumbrian Green Rollerball Pen

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Tibaldi for Bentley Limited Edition


Tibaldi for Bentley Continental: Tibaldi proudly introduces the Bentley Continental limited edition pen collection. In recent years the success and international appeal of the Continental series has far surpassed that enjoyed by any other series in Bentley’s history. The Continental collection by Tibaldi emulates all the tactile qualities and finish of the Continental GT. Both the writing instruments and their imaginative casing are likely to captivate Bentley owners and writing instrument collectors in equal measure.

Precious and Collectible: Tibaldi introduced Italy’s first fountain pen in 1916. Ever since, people from all walks of life have savored Tibaldi’s precious, reliable and collectible writing instruments. The Continental collection by Tibaldi for Bentley was designed by Robin Page, Head of Interior Design at Bentley. The Continental collection by Tibaldi for Bentley offers a design that emulates all the tactile qualities and finish of the Continental GT. The lacquered barrel with knurled bands reflects the reassuring quality of the switchgear found in the car’s rich interior, whilst the engraved retaining clip features the prominent Bentley typeface found in the engine bay. The color options match the car’s most popular exterior paint colors for ultimate suitability. Unique packaging for the range mimics the car’s centre armrest and enables the writing instruments to be securely stowed in a bespoke trimmed compartment.”

Tibaldi - A Pen of Divine Proportions: Phi, the concept known as the Divine Proportion, informs every aspect of the structure of all Tibaldi pens. For example, the proportion between the pen’s cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed equals the phi ratio, 1.618.

Bentley Aesthetic: The etching and engraving known as knurling is well-known by Bentley drivers. Always found on functional handles and buttons such as indicators, media system controls and gear shifts, knurling ensures a secure grip. Knurling is echoed on all parts of the Bentley Continental by Tibaldi writing instruments that require holding or turning – such as the lid and the lower part of the barrel.

Continental Casing: The Bentley Continental by Tibaldi writing instruments are presented in sumptuous leather cases, which echo the shape of the twin armrests of the Bentley Continental. Inside the armrests of every Bentley Continental is a compartment holding a tray. The pen inserts of Bentley Continental by Tibaldi cases stow neatly into the compartments and onto the tray, allowing Bentley owners to keep their writing instrument in the car while driving and ensuring it rests in one position.

Continental Limited Editions: Each model of the Bentley Continental by TIBALDI collection is a limited edition writing instrument. The cap and barrel of the Bentley Continental by TIBALDI writing instruments are fashioned from aluminum and the trims are palladium plated. The collection consists of fountain pens, roller balls, ball point pens and mechanical pencils, available as a limited edition of 999 pieces per model, in the following colors: Beluga, Cumbrian Green, Silver Tempest, Silverlake and Dark Sapphire.

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