Visconti Limited Edition Ragtime 20th Anniversary 3 Piece Set with Rolltop Nautalis Desk Set

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Visconti Limited Edition Ragtime 20th Anniversary 3 Piece Set with Rolltop Nautalis Desk Set

Ragtime was the first truly American musical genre and it gave rise to the enduring popularity and genius of Jazz. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Visconti has now updated the original Ragtime styling in an elegant, hand-crafted limited edition. Ragtime Anniversary is in limited edition and numbered on the basis of the company foundation year: 1988 fountain pens, 1988 rollers, 1988 ballpoints. The Ragtime by Visconti is available either as pen sets, or as individual fountain pens, rollerball pen and ballpoint pens. The pen set comes with a luxury desktop display case with box as a free gift, including three stones (onyx, pearl and tiger’s-eye) with their special tool to customize the three writing instruments which any pen collector will appreciate. The barrel and cap of both the fountain and rollerball pens are made from a unique ragtime acryloyd material. This is smooth to hold and hard wearing. The fountain pens have a designer feel because of the classic match between the expensive gold metal work and the black and brown coloring of the barrel. The nib of the fountain pens is available in fine, medium and broad to suit your own writing style. Made from 14K gold, and lovingly engraved with the Visconti name, the best techniques in pen making have been used to create this executive handcrafted masterpiece. The same techniques have also been used for the rollerball pens and the mechanical pencil. The quality of design has been carried through into the filling mechanism. There is a smooth screw mechanism hidden under a cover at the base of the pen which activates an internal piston to draw ink into the body of these fountain pens. Though not a custom design for this pen, it shows the handmade care and traditional history that Visconti brings to each of its pen collections. For the best in fountain or rollerball pens, the Ragtime by Visconti pen sets is a choice that will give a lifetime of enjoyment.

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