Waterman Serenite Grey Fountain Pen Fine Nib

SKU: W_1739046
Product description

Free of conformity, in an alliance between natural mineral beauty and technology, the Serenite Grey Fountain Pen Fine Nib is the expression of pure luxury. In a mysterious balance of purity and originality, its majestic silhouette can stand upright whether the cap is on or off. Intense, finely brushed pure titanium and cool, bright solid silver is in an elegant and harmonious composition of modernity. The ring: Evoking the astonishing geometry of crystalline rock formations, the contrasting surfaces of this delicately chiselled solid silver jewel glint in tribute to nature’s magnificent designs. An invitation to the gentle art of writing, the rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib is a majestic blend of purity and sensuality.

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