Parker Duofold Mosaic Black Centennial Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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A Pleasure for the Hand and the Eye

The exquisite Parker Duofold collection is crafted from an alluring combination of contrasting elements. Lustrous cast acrylics are offset with gold and platinum, velvet black and pearl finishes. Features 18k solid gold nib with rhodium highlight and hand polished platinum alloy point for smooth writing. Standard medium point nib. Twist piston convertor for bottled ink and two ink cartridges.

This Duofold Black Mosaic is the 3rd Mosaic limited production that parker came out with. By far it is the most beautiful and most popular one. The 1st was blue, the 2nd was red.

An Ancient Art Form With Modern Appeal

 Over the centuries that mankind has walked this planet, he has created fantastic and beautiful art forms.  One of the most enduring and universal of these is mosaic.

Combining the clasic styling of Duofold and the timeless beauty of mosaic with the very latest in  manufacturing technology, the Parker Duofold Mosaic Special Edition epitomes the high standards and aesthetic appeal that are synonymous with the name Parker.

What is Mosaic

There are many styles of mosaic from simple geometric patterns and curved lines to the pictures of people, animals, plants or objects.  In the early days these were made from small pebbles and later from cubed pieces of marble, glass, terracotta or hard stone.  These pieces were known as "tesserae" from the Latin meaning "dice."

Generally, the materials used in mosaics are relatively resistant to deterioration and many ancient mosaics have survived and are as resplendent today as they were when they were originally laid.

A Brief History

Early mosaic can be traced as far back to over three thousand years to a type made of cones baked of clay in Mesopotamia. The Greeks created floor mosaics using pebble. The Romans developed their own style in which pebbles were replaced by tesserae cut from stone or occasionally glass.

A technique of imitating illusionist painting on a gigantic scale was used by mosaic workshops during the Renaissance. The dome of St Peter's Basilica in Rome illustrates this style, which in the 19th century was revived by workshops in Italy, France, England and Russia.

Native Central Americans independently developed a type of mosaic using turfquoise, bone, and shell cut  into small pieces, polished and set with a vegetable resin onto a variety of surfaces including masks, shields and statuettes.

Today there is still great enthusiasm for decorating in mosaic using traditional and modern material such as smalti (thick rectangular pieces of opague glass), ceramics, vitreous glass, pebbles, marble and even pieces of coloured card or plastic.

The Parker Duofold Mosaic

The Parker Dufold Mosaic is created by building up a composite of different coloured strips of cast acrylic. These are diffusion bonded to form a solid block of material from which the component parts of the writing instrument are then precision machined and polished.

The finished pens are trimmed in platinum to create subtle accents that add to the artistic creativity of the design and result in a pen of immense beauty and sophistication.


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