Parker Duofold Norman Rockwell Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Product description

Norman Rockwell, like George S. Parker, was famous for his dedication to craftsmanship .For thirty years he did the advertising for Parker Co.. This vibrant black and pearl acrylic pen is reminiscent of the original 1929 pen depicted in Rockwell's first Parker ad. Medium 18K gold nib. Presented in a wooden box within a leather portfolio, with booklet, certificate of authenticity, and four numbered reproductions of Rockwell illustrations.

The Parker Duofold Norman Rockwell Limited Edition pen is housed in a wooden presentation box that reflects the traditional, brass-trimmed painter's brush box of Norman Rockwell's era.  The wood is Fiddleback Maple, a tree indigenous to his beloved Berkshire Mountains. Used in crafting the finest stringed instruments, Fiddleback Maple has a distinctive striping: like the Moderne Black and Pearls finish Duofold, no two box patterns are alike.

A die-struck brass medallilon embedded in the box lid replicates the silhouette relief emblem found on the fountain pen.

Accompanying the presentation box is an artist's portfolio that holds four limited edition fine art prints. The four prints, three of which are still cherished as part of the Parker family's private art collection, are reproductions of illustrations Norman Rockwell created for Parker.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Parker Duofold