Parker Duofold Pearl and Black Centennial Fountain Pen Fine Nib

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Product description

Parker Duofold Pearl and Black Centennial Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Born in the age of Jazz and Art Deco, the Duofold reflects the opulence and iconography of its origins. It is a pen of exceptional character and distinctive appearance, exuding the quality and luxury of outstanding craftsmanship.

Today, Duofold is both the flagship of Parker’s prestige pen collection, and its creative face, with a history of highly special and limited editions.

Mid 2004, Parker had to discontinue the iconic Pearl & Black finish as material supply had ceased and were unable to reproduce the materials at alternative suppliers.

Following on the launch of the new Duofold program (Check and Esparto collections in 2006), the next phase continues to build the story around this emblematic range as Parker’s partner Carville (makers of Mosaïc, Pinstripe and Check finishes) is now able to reproduce Pearl & Black.

Product details

  • Fitted with extra polished, 18K gold nib highlighted with platinum
  • Fitted with golden de-luxe piston fill converter for bottled ink
  • Convertible for use with Parker ink cartridges
  • Ace and nib decal graphics
  • 23k Champagne Gold Plated Trim Finish

An alluring combination of shades of pearl veined with a rich, velvety black, crafted from lustrous, cast acrylic. Every pen has its own individual, unique appearance

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Manufacturer: Parker Duofold