Parker IM Premium Blue Black Chrome Trim Fountain Pen Medium nib

SKU: 1892552
Product description

    Parker IM Premium Blue Black Chrome Trim Fountain  Pen Medium nib


 IM Blue Black Anodized aluminium CT
 Ink Color Black ink
 Trims Metal Chrome finish
 Material Anodized aluminium
 Cap Material Blue-Black Anodized aluminium
 Nib Material  Stainless Steel

The Finish
Praised as much for its quality as for its distinctive colour,the quick-dry PARKER Quink ink garnered global acclaim when first launched back in 1931. Re-mastered here in the Parker IM Blue-Black, this unique tincture will forever evoke the breakthrough success story of PARKER’s fast drying ink.
The Trim
Shiny chrome finish / Brushed section

The Nib
Nib in stainless steel for superior resistance and durability. Designed to provide an optimal writing angle for both right and left handed writers.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Parker IM Premium