Parker Latitude Slate Blue Chrome Trim Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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Parker Latitude: The effortlessly simple lines of Latitude retain an unrivalled quality inherent to a Parker pen and mark it clearly as a contemporary statement. With its distinctive cap detailing and expressive palette of colours plus its unusual circular pattern on the Laque finishes, it's the ideal gift for those who wish to reveal their unconventional side with a balance of poise, modernity and originality. The Parker Latitude Slate Blue Chrome Trim Fountain Pen features An intriguing, radiant color, achieved through the application of multiple coats of a metallic lacquer onto a stainless steel base. An elegant circular pattern subtly decorates the cap. Enhanced with chrome colored trim and an engraved stainless steel nib. Fitted with twin-channelled ink feed and collector system. Fitted with standard piston fill converter for bottled ink. Convertible for use with ink cartridges.

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Manufacturer: Parker Latitude