Parker Quink Ink Cartridges Washable Black (10 Per Card)

SKU: P_394116
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Parker Quink Ink Cartridges Washable Black (10 Per Card)

Parker Quink inks and refills are formulated for superior performance. Specially designed for Parker pens and pencils, they offer optimal writing performance with no breaks or blockages… just writing perfection. That’s why Parker recommends the exclusive use of original Quink inks, leads and refills.

With the convenience and practicality of cartridges: simply unscrew the barrel of your pen, remove the old cartridge and push in the new one until you feel a ‘click’. You’re then ready to go.

Quink ink cartridges come with unique innovation: a small ink reserve that can be released on tap, just when you think you’re out of ink. It can make all the difference when you think you're running low.

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Manufacturer: Parker Refills